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Wood dries based on varying climatic conditions regionally and within the home.  Conditions such as dry or moist air, warm or cold temperatures, and exposure to direct sunlight will affect how a piece of wood ages.  These conditions will cause the wood to expand and contract throughout the year.  This will cause the wood to age, develop cracks, and dry over time if not properly cared for.

As a result, all wood products should be oiled regularly with a sustainable wood oil.  For pieces intended for food display (charcuterie boards, bowls, etc) please also wax regularly to prevent any moisture from seeping into the wood pores.  If the piece is intended for food display, be sure to purchase oil and/or wax that is food safe. 


Larger wood furniture should also be oiled regularly.  If you purchased a larger custom wood project, you most likely received detailed care instructions in your closeout paperwork.

Please contact Indwell with any questions regarding care.

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