- From a naturally fallen ponderosa pine sourced in Townsend, DE.
- Only 7 available!  If you're local, local pickup is available (at checkout), so you can select your favorite.
- Milled, carved, and finished in-house.
- Finished with 100% plant-based oil.
- Each are one-of-a-kind and vary slightly in shape and size (see sizing and production notes).


PACKING.  Recycled box and packing.


SIZING.  7" is the rough width, while 2" is the rough height.  However, all vary in shapes/sizes slightly (as shown in photo).  If you would like your bowl shipped, we will select a bowl at random.  If you are local, pickup is available so you can select your favorite bowl!


- Wood typically has some cracking, knots, and flaws.
- Oil regularly to prevent the wood from drying out and further cracks from developing.


PRODUCTION NOTES.These are limited quantity (only 7 available) bowls offered at a more affordable rate than larger hardwood bowls. This is for a number of reasons: they are ponderosa pine, which is a softwood. Most of our other bowls are hardwood, more premium lumbers. Production time was cut drastically due to softwood being faster/easier to carve, shape, and sand. In addition, these were not sanded as smooth as most other bowls. They have been left in a more primitive style. Finally, by offering various bowls under one listing, significant time is saved from having to take, touch up and post individual photos.

Bowl | Ponderosa Pine