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Grounded by rich-grained smooth black walnut, this clear glass hurricane is ideal for a pillar candle*. The glass is included and closed on the bottom so it doubles as a vase for dry or fresh florals. Swap out candle colors and/or florals throughout the year to change the appearance seasonally.


*Candle not included. Shown in photos with a 2"X4"h flameless pillar.





· Walnut base sanded ultra-smooth to 320 grit.


· Finished with plant-based oil + wax.


· 'Indwell' branded on underside.





· Base: 5-7/8"Dia. x 1-1/2"H.


· Glass: 3-7/16"Dia. x 6"H.


· 6-3/4"H when assembled.



CARE.  Oil walnut regularly to prevent from drying out.


Walnut Hurricane + Vase

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