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This rich-grained carved black walnut olive boat is perfect for olive serving for martinis or other food, snacks, or candy display. The wood was sourced from a naturally fallen walnut tree in Chadds Ford, power-carved into shape, and finished with plant-based oil and wax. It is also appropriate for decorative display, or functionally as a catchall, valet tray, eyeglass rest, or ring/jewelry dish.





· Milled, carved, and finished in-house; 120 grit smooth finish.


· Natural wood variations make each one-of-a-kind.


· Finished with plant-based oil + wax.


· Sourced sustainably from a naturally fallen walnut tree in Chadds Ford.



DIMENSIONS.   14-1/2"L x 3-3/4"D x 1-1/8"H





· Oil regularly to prevent from drying out.


· Wax regularly to protect from moisture and food particles (if using for food display).


· For heavier usage, use a mild cleanser and lightly rinse.

Olive Boat

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